Art Work

Through thin veils of deception we look past the looking glass to art. What is it with art that gives us that feeling, that brings us into the sacred abyss though which the senses are awakened?  Judgment.  An open stage for judgement we create as our own feelings and senses are awakened. Through judgment, however, we are compelled to label and box up our human emotions – our human experience. Is this the only way to interpret what we see?  Perhaps not.

Let yourself just be and enjoy the luxury of discernment, the luxury of the senses being overloaded; taking in the beauty of everything around. Enjoy this in everything you do, everything you perceive, everything you let in. Be too, discerning in what you let in. Although we are able to see we are also able to disregard that which does not serve our interests. Protect your minds and hearts and choose to see only the good. It is a choice for there is good in all the miracles within our world.

As one, we are….

Welcome to my worlds,


From my core, my inspirations, Illustrations and such.

Enjoyment is creating and recreating.