Mexican Schools


Through the winter of 2009 Charmaine moved to a small fishing villiage on the Coast of the Mexican Baja Pennisula, La Ventana. She soon joined in the community and volunteered to paint with the local children. Here she designed murals for the Primary schools. The whole community got involved to help with these events and La Ventana and El Sargento are now more colourful because of it.

“Not only did those kids help me with my spanish, they opened my heart to appreciate and understand further how art can brighten a person’s world” Charmaine Husum


In the small villiage of El Sargento, Charmaine was asked to paint a mural and sign for the primary school as part of a volunteer effort to clean up the community.  This organized effort was part of a Kiteboarding fundraiser put together by the folks at Palapas Ventanas, a small resort in the neighboring villiage of La Ventana. The whole community came out to help paint, plant trees and clean up the school grounds. Professionals from around the globe also came in to participate in the races. The Kiteboarding event raised over $18,000 USD for not only the schools but also the medical center that services the two communities.


The design of this mural shows children around the world, surrounding the world holding hands in peace. One child is painted gold and the minds of the others’ are also gold symbolizing a collective consciousness where the thoughts of one become the thoughts of many.  It gives hope to a new world where we are held together by our human existence and faith in each other.   This mural was painted with the energy of love by children, artists and the community of La Ventana. Thank you to Jazmin, Sami, Angelica, the students of Emilio Medoza Escuela, Kurt, Lupidia, and all who helped bring this joyful painting to life. We all share the same planet. When we love the planet, we love each other.