Welcome Back to Regina!!Bienvenidos a Regina

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What a Welcome this has been! Front page of the Arts and Lifestyle section B of Friday June 17th’s Leader Post newspaper features some info on my company and what I’m up to these days. Check it out!


Canada Bound 2011!

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Looking forward to being back amidst that western charm I love so dearly!  Scenic Charms will be returning June 2011 anticipating a great summer season.  Call now for your chance to turn your home or business into a work of art.  Whether your style ranges from modern to classic, we have a pallet to create for you.  Peruse through our site to see what ideas and inspiration we can bring into your space this summer!



The Olympics…

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…need I say more? It’s BUSY !!! Will have photos of work soon…

La Ventana Classic

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This year has again proved to be an enjoyable and busy winter. The La Ventana Classic and Kite Expo was in full swing with competitors from around the world joining us in our quaint Mexican fishing village. My own involvement in the race, although not of a sporty nature, has been an interesting gamut of organizing, playing and painting.

The Trophies were the first on the list. 70 trophies in total were needed this year which was no small feat. To get them all done before the racers crossed the finish line, we brought the entire community together to help. As our kite race is to raise money for the local schools, we started there. Plaques of various sizes were cut and painted white and then brought to the children to have some original art applied. Once the kids had adorned them with kite boards, windsurfers, paddleboards, rainbows, sunshine and waves, we had a “craft party” featuring free beer and popcorn where our American and Canadian snowbirds decorated them with glitter, glue and graphics. It was a huge success that brought everyone together to be a part of this years race and fundraiser which again raised over $18,000USD !!!