As a youth Charmaine was always interested in the arts. It was through art that she realized the key to transforming emotion. She believes in her talents being gifts that do not belong entirley to her. She is not defined by what she creates but is grateful to be a tool that channels divine energy into manifested form. In her element, she creates not only art work but joy that spreads to all those around.

Charmaine began her career in painting in 1996 when she was hired by the international production company ‘Off the Wall ‘. Here she worked as a scenic artist painting and designing backdrops and props for photographic studios.

Soon after she embarked on the journey into the world of film and television. Enjoying the arts of sign writing, set painting and decorative finishes, Charmaine continues to work in this industry. She has now progressed from Scenic Painter, Paint Coordinator and Sign Writer to On Set Scenic Artist. Having spent nearly years within this industry has exposed her to some of the highest professionals in the trade. Her work and professionalism is highly regarded and repeatedly requested for by many including Terry Gilliam, Tom Waits, Rodrigo Prieto, Nicola Pecorini and others.

Scenic Charms is Charmaine’s decorative finishing company which also specializes in home design and decor. Working with builders, Charmaine and her team design and decorate show homes as well as assist home owners in selecting all interior materials needed to bring life, colour and beauty into their newly built home. In existing homes, she ties all of the colours of a room together into one featured area or feature wall. This grounds a space and brings to it that final touch feel.

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