Scenic Charms

Before the emergence of mass-produced wall coverings in the 1800’s, decorative paint finishes for walls were the way of the elite and aristocratic. Today there’s been a new found love of the old ways and people are experiencing once again the beauty of decorative painted wall finishes.

Our work is inspired from the ancient masters of Europe and abroad, where castles and cathedrals are adorned by their mystic works. We will integrate your own personal style and furniture into the styles of Kings and Queens to create a space to be lived in and enjoyed. Let us bring into your home that final touch.

At Scenic Charms, we bring your walls to life by adding depth and dimension to your rooms. Let our interior designs create individualized, artistic expression within your home. The imagination will take you to where you wish to be. Through colour, texture and sheen we create a dream. The possibilities are endless when inviting in the artistic works of Scenic Charms.

With an emphasis on personalized colour choices and stylized wall finishes, we will transform your home into a space that will forever be your personal haven. The dream is yours to experience. Call on Scenic Charms for your own home transformation.