This film changed my life….. as so many have  (and they all do).  Tideland though, was a pinnacle for me.  Shot in my home town of Regina, Sakatchewan and surrounding area,  I was brought back to my roots where I met an amazing crew of people that will forever stand apart from the rest.  I miss all of the moments we shared and wish once again to be reunited with those I grew to love.  Not only was I reunited with so many that I had so long ago said good bye to,  I was introduced to a crew that will forever stay in my heart.  Thank you for all that supported and believed in me to a fault.  This movie had a large part in me believing in my own Magic.  Thank you Terry Gilliam. Since this show, my life has continued to take turns that have brought me to where I am today… in a very happy place and blessed to be a part of it!!

Called last minute to make the trek eastward, I remember first reading this script the day before shooting began.   The best one I have ever read!  I had never felt so deeply a part of a story as I did when I first read Tideland. As life is in film work, I showed up that evening to be gifted last minute with a great story and amazing cabin in the middle of nowhere, where “where” was about to begin.  Delving into the mind and artistic experience that Terry Gilliam and all that work with him were about to appreciate, we enjoyed and loved every moment of making this film.  One of my many favorite experiences was recreating the doll heads you see in this film.  Big and small- I repainted them all!! 😉

Go check it out if you haven’t already.  It it deep and sometimes creepy but touches a core in you that will not be experienced from another director in collaboration with this fantastic team of artists….unless you’ve seen  “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus”… 🙂  yet another great story to be told….

Look forward to doing it again soon xOx Miss you!


Charmaine Husum